5 Ways to Accentuate Legs

1. Wide-Leg Pants

Finding wide-leg pants that are long enough for a tall person is like finding a unicorn. Rare. Look no further though, because Chelbe Fashions has the wide-leg pant hook-up.


When wide-leg pants are long enough to cover shoes, they emphasize length because where the leg stops is unseen. Oh, and they beautifully drape legs so that's a plus.

2. High Waist Pants 

Tall or not, high-waist pants give the illusion of extended legs. How? Well, the design of high rise pants take additional length from the mid-section and adds it to the legs of the pant. Genius.

3. High Slits

Wearing a high slit allows for that peek-a-boo moment that we need every once in a while to drop a jaw or two. Because the slit sits at the very tippity top of the leg and doesn't cover it, it automatically creates the appearance of an everlasting leg... it keeps going and going and going (something like an Energizer bunny).

4. Stripes

Striped pants give the illusion that legs run on for days, but the direction of the lines matter! Horizontal lines give the illusion of wideness and shortness, while vertical lines give the appearance of slimness and length. You'd be surprised how simple lines make the biggest difference! As mentioned, it's an illusion sis!

5. Strap-Up Shoes

Shoes with straps going up the legs, like a lot of other pieces that were aforementioned, reach into other areas of the legs to pronounce length. Strap-up shoes force the eye to not only look at the feet, but to follow the straps into the leg region. And hey, it doesn't hurt that it gives more support to the shoe, just sayin'.

So there you have it! Long gams or not, there's always a way to show them off. Who knows, maybe one day they'll leave a LEGacy (OK, I may have gotten carried away with that one).

Written by Drusilla Shay visit her blog here



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