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 “Chèlbè isn’t just the name of a brand it’s a lifestyle. Elegant, luxurious, and chic in all facets of life. I just help you dress the part.”


As tall women, the days of having  ¾ length sleeves, folding over the bottoms of our pants, and buying bigger sizes are close to an end.  Tall fashion has definitely made strides in the recent years with more retailers accommodating taller women.


As I grew more comfortable in my tall frame I became more fashion conscious. But with my new found fashion sense, came a lot less options. I quickly realized what too many of my other tall fashionistas know, that most tall clothing available is basic and lacking any sense of originality. So after years of frustration and endless searches, I set out to fix the problem myself. Chèlbè is Fashionably Tall, representing current popular trends in lengths that fit. Chèlbè’s main goal is to provide fashion forward versatile statement pieces that can be worn for any style and occasion. The clothing is made to accentuate and accommodate lengthier features with quality fabrics.


Now that you know a little more about Chelbe, I am beyond excited about where Chèlbè is going! Chèlbè has been selected as one of “Nolcha Shows Emerging designers” for this upcoming NYC Fashion Week on February 13th. This show is putting a spotlight on tall fashion and most importantly showing it in a Fashionably Tall way showcasing models 6 feet and up. We will showcase our collection with modern femininity expressing the meaning of Chelbe; tastefully elegant, luxurious, or chic. Embodying the meaning from all aspects giving viewers a true Chelbe experience.


With this amazing opportunity comes an amazing journey. Follow me during this journey starting in Beirut Lebanon to NYC fashion week through this blog and @ChelbeFashions InstaStories! Giving you a behind the scenes look into what it takes to make a collection, put together a fashion show, and all the Chèlbè things in between!


Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!



Founder of Chelbe


  • Marcel Wah

    Sak Pase! I saw your article on Fast Company. Congratulations!
    I love the brand and name.
    I am also writing to inform you that your “Contact Us” page is not working.
    Best of luck.

  • Alisa

    Hi! Can you tell me where you are based out of?

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