Fashionably Tall T-Shirt Dress: "Being tall will always be in style"

A T-shirt dress is the PERFECT item to throw on, layer a jean jacket over, and pair with your favorite booties to create an instantly styled and on-trend look. I was never able to wear T-shirtdresses since they ended up looking a lot more like a T-shirt and a lot less like a dress on my 6’3” body. That all changed when I received this amazing Fashionably Tall white T-shirt dress from Chelbe Fashions! Since their clothes are made for us tall ladies, the dress was actually long enough for me to wear as a dress (win!).

T-shirt dresses are having their moment in the fashion industry right now. Everyone from celebrities to young girls to middle aged women are wearing them. What I love about T-shirt dresses is how versatile they are. No matter the season you’ll be able to create perfect outfits with a T-shirt dress. It’s the middle of winter where I live in San Francisco and by wearing the dress with knee high boots and my favorite oversized jean jacket it was the perfect winter outfit (Given, California doesn’t get too cold in the winter!).

On this day in particular I was catching a trolley to go meet some girl friends for lunch. We ended up hanging out and shopping all day before heading off to dinner and drinks later that evening. I was so glad I had worn this outfit because I felt great in it at lunch and all evening while we were dancing the night away. I love that T-shirt dresses are appropriate for so many different
occasions; especially this one!

I’m already looking forward to wearing this dress during summer as well. I can already picture myself at a picnic in the park wearing the dress with cute sandals, a sun hat, and a fun straw bag. Whenever I purchase new clothes I love to get items that are super versatile. This dress is so versatile and can be worn during the winter or summer, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

The words “Fashionably Tall” that are on the front of the dress is such a cute detail!! Although there are, at times, some downsides of being so tall (like not fitting on airplanes), being tall really is the best thing in the world. The words on the dress are a great reminder to be appreciative of how lucky we are to have been blessed with long legs! Being tall will always be in style, and it’s
something that so many women are envious of. While wearing this dress I felt confident with my height and more empowered than ever to lift up all of the other women around me. This is my new go-to T-shirt dress and I’m so happy I now have it in my wardrobe. 

Written by Jenna 

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