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Hey there! My name is Diana Delva and I am the Owner/Designer of Chèlbè Fashions ! To be completely honest, I've been avoiding this introduction for a while now. I’ve been desperately trying to keep myself incognito with lots of headless shots. My hope was to have the clothing speak for itself while portraying the true meaning of Chèlbè, being Fashionably Tall in a chic, elegant, and luxurious way. 

Well, we all know that clothing can't speak and I realized that I was putting myself into a far too common shell tall women crawl into, whether it’s a lack of self-confidence, insecurities, or the desire to go unnoticed. We can sometimes slouch, hide, or shy away from the obvious "Yes, I am tall".  

Whatever the reason is, I've embraced that I need to take the first step in showing how this brand helps bring out an inner confidence in my fellow #tallgirls that can be reflected on the outside. When you LOOK good you FEEL good. Us tall women know too well it’s a difficult process to dress the part finding tall women's clothing that fit. So, my hope is that Chèlbè makes it easy to show YOUR confidence in every way!  Welcome to Chèlbè where you can embrace your height and long inseams,  and continue to be #FashionablyTall. 

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  • Susan Wise

    Love your fashions , is there anywhere I can try them on ?

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