The T-Shirt Dress Your Tall Closet Needs

Tall fashion styling tips - Tall white tshirt dress in long legnth

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If you're a tall girl, then you probably venture off into the men's section in hopes of finding t-shirts that are long enough to rock as a dress. Don't worry sis, I can relate! The women's section usually caters to "average height" so some dresses are more like shirts on us. Oh, the tall girl woe! But in comes Chélbé Fashions who came, saw the struggle, and conquered.

Tall fashion styling tips - Shop cheap tall clothing online for women 5'9 and up!

Chélbé Fashions has the perfect tall girl t-shirt dress. Firstly, rocking this "Fashionably Tall" dress boosts your tall girl pride (I'm sure there's a scientific explanation behind this). Secondly, this t-shirt dress is like having a blank canvas: you're free to add your own touches however you so please. It can be worn as is, or it can be tailored to your personal style. Need ideas? I got you.

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This t-shirt dress paired with boots, especially thigh-high boots, is a match made in heaven. Wear it with a leather jacket and combat boots to make it edgy, or throw on a faux fur jacket if you're as extra as me. Also, you can top the shirt with a belt to cinch the waist and make your look more feminine. For a
streetwear look, sneakers will do the trick! And for an easy slay, pair the t-shirt dress with a long duster and sandal heels that strap up the leg. I can keep going on with options, but this will inevitably become a novel. 

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So as you can see, there are no limits to this t-shirt dress. It's a go-to option and most importantly, it fits like it's supposed to. So lift up your glasses tall beauties, because the search for the perfect t-shirt dress just got a whole lot easier!

Written by: Drusilla Shay 

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