Why You’ll Be Adding These Pants to the Cart

I’ll let you in on a little sum'n sum'n about these Chelbe Fashions “Illusion Palazzo” pants: they don’t call them the “illusion” pant for no reason. When I slipped them on, I had to do a few double-takes to make sure these pants had me looking that good. After the initial shock-factor and celebratory dance and cat walk in front of my mirror (you know, the one you do in the dressing room when something fits like it’s custom-made), I already started making plans for these pants. They are that good.

First thing's first: let's get into this 37.5 inch inseam. Let me say that again: 37 INCH INSEAM! If you're a tall girl, you likely understand why that needed emphasis (“if you know, you know”). The long-legged community is rooting for all brands who are not stingy with the extra fabric. When it comes to Chelbe Fashions, let’s just say they don’t hold back.

Speaking of fabric, the material of these pants are so lightweight and breathable for the warmer months. When it comes to wearing pants in the heat, it's usually a no-go because no one or their auntie wants fabric sticking to their legs in the heat. However, the way these pants are set up makes them an exception to the rule. They are so airy that they have spring/summer written all over them. These pants also scream “island vacation,” so beware of the sudden urge to book flights to the tropics upon receiving them.

The long length and airy material aren’t the only benefits of these pants. They come in at the waist (snatch central), smoothly drapes the hips (come through curves), and flows over the gams with a wide leg to finish it off (talk about classy). Needless to say, these pants were designed to accentuate. And the icing on the cake (yup, there’s more) is the pattern on these pants. From afar, these pants appear to be one solid color (see, I told you they don’t call these pants “illusion” for no reason). When you get in close though, you can’t miss the burgundy and tan detailing. These mix of colors create a neutral tone that makes these pants easy to combine with other colors and simple to style.

I can swoon over these pants all day long, but I’ll spare you the run-on sentences and lengthy paragraphs. I think you get the point: these pants are AH-mazing, and quite necessary if you ask me. With that being said, go ahead and hit that "add to cart" button while it’s still hot (literally, while it’s still summer, sis).



Written By: Drusilla Shay


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