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Chèlbè Fashions

Tall Girl Styling Tip: Wide Leg & Palazzo Pant

 One fun fact about me is that I am a SUCKER for a cute pair of wide leg pants. Being the tall and curvy girl that I am, I find wide leg pants to be unbelievably flattering and accentuate my long legs in the most beautiful way. I feel like a boss lady wearing them and rock them at work, at dinner parties, and anytime I want to feel confident and powerful. In order for wide leg pants to have their flattering powers work on one’s legs they MUST be long enough, which means they need to be purchased from...

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The T-Shirt Dress Your Tall Closet Needs

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If you're a tall girl, then you probably venture off into the men's section in hopes of finding t-shirts that are long enough to rock as a dress. Don't worry sis, I can relate! The women's section usually caters to "average height" so some dresses are more like shirts on us. Oh, the tall girl woe! But in comes Chélbé Fashions who came, saw the struggle, and conquered. Chélbé Fashions has the perfect tall girl t-shirt dress. Firstly, rocking this "Fashionably Tall" dress boosts your tall girl pride (I'm sure there's a scientific explanation behind this). Secondly, this t-shirt dress...

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Button Down Styling Tips

I love being able to recycle certain staple pieces in my wardrobe into multiple different looks. Button downs are the key to achieving this. It’s an easy way to amp up a basic look.   I just received the Chloe Shirt from Chèlbè Fashions, a clothing line made for women 5’9 and up! Their motto is Fashionably Tall, wow I love that. This shirt honestly fit me like a glove & is the perfect cream shade, also comes in black. Being a tall female, finding button downs that fit my broad shoulders can be very difficult as I usually become the hulk ripping thru the...

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Hello From the Designer

  Hey there! My name is Diana Delva and I am the Owner/Designer of Chèlbè Fashions ! To be completely honest, I've been avoiding this introduction for a while now. I’ve been desperately trying to keep myself incognito with lots of headless shots. My hope was to have the clothing speak for itself while portraying the true meaning of Chèlbè, being Fashionably Tall in a chic, elegant, and luxurious way.  Well, we all know that clothing can't speak and I realized that I was putting myself into a far too common shell tall women crawl into, whether it’s a lack...

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Blog to Fashion Week

Chèlbè Nolcha Shows

 “Chèlbè isn’t just the name of a brand it’s a lifestyle. Elegant, luxurious, and chic in all facets of life. I just help you dress the part.”   As tall women, the days of having  ¾ length sleeves, folding over the bottoms of our pants, and buying bigger sizes are close to an end.  Tall fashion has definitely made strides in the recent years with more retailers accommodating taller women.   As I grew more comfortable in my tall frame I became more fashion conscious. But with my new found fashion sense, came a lot less options. I quickly realized...

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