Blog Contributors

Lindsey Simon comes from the south side of Chicago & is the Social Media Coordinator for DineAmic Hospitality Group. Lindsey graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2016 where she studied Radio TV Productions and Journalism. She discovered her passion for fashion writing when she joined her school’s paper & hasn’t looked back since. 
But what makes Lindsey different is she  has the unique ability to style on a budget. Being 6'0" tall it isn’t always easy but her infectious personality and fashionable style puts her ahead of the game!! Her blog showcases this and so much more- follow Lindsey’s adventures on Instagram at @simonsaidd

At a young age, Drusilla Shay draped herself in oversized clothing from her mother's closet because "dress up" is quite the pastime for children. Many grow out of the "dress up" stage, but Drusilla grew intoit even more, recognizing the creative freedom and joy she felt when she explored fashion and re-created styles. Fast-forward 20 some odd years later, she continues to feed her love for fashion (especially fashion for tall girls), in her blog and YouTube channel. Standing 6-feet-tall, Drusilla celebrates her height and hopes that her growing presence in the fashion industry will inspire other women to do the same!
Hi there, I'm Jenna! As a twenty-something year old navigating the world as a 6'3 1/2" female I've experienced the highs and lows of being over a foot taller than the average female. I love empowering females to embrace their height and to stand a little taller, and to bring humor to some of the uncomfortable situations us tall ladies get put into. I wholeheartedly believe finding clothes that fit properly are the first step to being comfortable in your own skin and learning to love your height, which is why I decided to shine a light on some of the great fashion styles that are available to us tall women!