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Since starting Chèlbè Fashions and becoming part of Instagram’s Tall Community I've noticed a recurring theme of learning to love and accept our height. Being tall is not the only thing tall women can be insecure about but it probably is the most obvious. Seeing this again and again on my timeline made me think of ways to overcome these feelings. Unwavering self-love is one way can we learn to be more confident, secure, and proud of every inch.

Self-love is the regard and appreciation for one's own worth, well-being, and happiness.

Beauty is in your uniqueness; self-love is accepting and valuing all of your differences.

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Here few ways you can start practicing self-love today!

1: Change the narrative

“Speak in ways that uplift ourselves.”

The way you speak to yourself matters. Re-frame your thoughts and words towards yourself and height. Try to focus on what you love about yourself while being more accepting and positive. 

Tip: Start your day with encouraging words, write them on a sticky note or on a mirror for a constant reminder.

2: Treat Yourself

It’s important to take time out and do what makes you happy. Take a long bath, do your nails, or shop for that perfect item! Self-care is a full-time job and never-ending the journey. You have to make yourself a priority despite all the chaos.

3: Build a community

The great thing about social media is the sense of community and the opportunity to connect. I love when tall girl Instagram shows out for a meme. This same interaction can build a support system of people who you share something in common. In our case, it’s our height! 

I would love to hear some of the ways you practice self-love and feel more confident and secure in your height! You can continue this conversation in our Tall Girl Community Chat on @ChelbeFashions IG Stories or in the comment section below!

Stand Tall Ladies!



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