Roaming Roma

On the last day of a 40 day fast, I took a trip to Rome, Italy. Let’s be clear, I was going to Italy to eat. This would be my second time in Rome after 8 years, but my first as a solo traveler and was excited to explore the culture and culinary scene as a newbie vegetarian. I took advantage of a 2-day break during my basketball season and hoped on a 2-hour flight to Rome, Italy. I planned an itinerary of restaurants and sightseeing for an action-packed and adventurous 2 days of stylish views and delicious food. 

My style for the trip was stylish yet comfortable since I knew I would be walking a lot. I arrived early Sunday morning and dressed for brunch reservations at an organic bistro. I started my day with coffee near the Spanish Steps.


After coffee, I admired the architecture as I walked the cobblestone streets till reaching the Pantheon. I had brunch and stopped at the hotel before for a night out. 


After a quick refresh, I hit the streets, first stop was the beautiful courtyard garden Hotel Locarno where I had the finger food platter. I followed that with a delicious passion fruit cocktail at The rooftop of Zuma lounge where the view, DJ, and vibe made staying for a second drink an easy choice. Of course, I had to pose for an elevator selfie!

Wearing: 36" High Waist Pants 

I woke up early the second day for a self-guided audio tour of the Vatican. I went before opening hours (7:30 am) to avoid the crowds and line which was worth the extra coin. I spent the morning admiring the incredible detail and history of the museum.

I was most excited to see the Sistine Chapel, but the early morning got the best of me so I took a nap whilst gazing up at the divine work of Leonardo DaVinci; probably my favorite part of the trip!

Wearing: 37.5" Palazzo Pant 

From the museum, I went to Janiculum Hill where I was able to see a breathtaking view of the Roman skyline. 

My hotel was just a 5-minute walk from the Trevi Fountain so I passed it multiple times during my trip. I wanted to get a good picture so I went at 7 am my last day when the fountain was basically empty.

Wearing: 36.5 " Striped Pants 

I picked up my bag and headed to Hotel Palazzo where I enjoyed a breakfast buffet with a gorgeous view of the Colosseum. This was an amazing way to end my trip!

Wearing: Fashionably Tall T-Shirt Dress 

 Here's a link to my full itinerary! 


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